1. On Farm Testing (OFT)

On Farm Testing are being planned to refine the techniques for Onion, grapes and for dry land agriculture in tribal area on various aspects. Agricultural Universities/ICAR institutes recommend different technologies on large scale. Due to variation in agro-climatic situations, soil types, few technologies may not perform to its potential and needs minor modifications at field level.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra is working at grass root level. The technologies, which may not perform are modified or fine tuned and tested on farmer’s field with usually three treatments for comparison. These technologies are tested for 2-3 subsequent years. The results are discussed with the scientists/researcher and finally the decision about continuation of refined practice is taken and implemented for mass adoption in the same area.

2. Front Line Demonstration (FLD)

Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) has undertaken the important mandates of KVK i.e. Front Line Demonstration especially on Oilseed and Pulses. Every year KVK is implementing FLDs of different Oilseed and pulses crop viz. Soybean, Groundnut, Niger, Bengal Gram, Black gram and other improved technologies and practices. The certified seed of improved varieties are provided to the farmer. The critical inputs, which contribute in productivity of the crop viz. bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticide etc. is also provided. Before implementation the FLD soil testing and pre-seasonal training with necessary method demonstrations is conducted for the farmers.

The seed of improved variety after crop harvesting is maintained and used for next season and supplied to non-beneficiary farmers as per as the required. The horizontally and spread has been reached up to 80 percent in the adjoining villages. This figure itself proves the success of the KVK efforts in rural area.

Training Programs

Training is one of the major activities of KVK. After selection of the focal village, the need & problem analysis is done by PRA survey. Accordingly, need based training programmes are conducted for practicing farmers, rural youths & extension functionaries. While conducting training programmes, following objectives are considered.

1. Practicing Farmers

Conducting need based & problem solving training for maximization of the productivity of different crops and relation activities. Similarly women empowerment Drudgery Reduction, etc. are conducted.

2. Rural Youth

Conducting skill oriented training programmed for creating self-employment like Nursery Management PHT, Vermiculture, High-tech Poly house and entrepreneurship based programmes like Back yard poultry, Commercial Goat farming and Emu farming.

3. Extension functionaries:

Various programmes for Government and non government organization are planned and conducted for training on current events and knowledge updating.

Extension Activities:

KVK is making awareness of technologies through the activity like Kisan Melas, Field days, exhibitions and various publications. More than 40 folders and 3 booklets are published and distributed. KVK also established Krishi Prayog Pariwars group of farmers with common interest to develop contacts at rural areas and 14 KPP are actively working.