KVK Nashik Profile

Post Employee Name Designation Subject Joining Date
Subject Matter Specialist mr. rajaram patil subject matter specialist agril. engineering 01-03-1996
mr. hemraj rajput subject matter specialist horticulture 16-12-1998
dr. niteen thoke subject matter specialist agril. extension 01-08-2000
dr. prakash kadam subject matter specialist agronomy 10-08-2006
mrs. archana deshmukh subject matter specialist home science 05-06-2007
dr. shyam kadus subject matter specialist veterinary science 25-06-2007
Vacancy : No
Driver mr. satish sakhare driver 01-10-1998
mr. dattu madhe driver 11-08-1999
Vacancy : No
Farm Attendent mr. rakesh nikam farm attendent 01-07-1995
mr. vinod bhadake farm attendent 01-07-1995
Vacancy : No
Farm Manager mr. sandip bhagwat farm manager horticulture 26-03-2003
Vacancy : No
Programme Assistant mr. mangesh vyavahare program assistant (soil science) agril. chemistry 01-06-2007
mr. harshal kale program assistant (computer) mca 18-07-2014
Vacancy : No
Stenographer mrs. vanita rodge stenographer 01-07-1995
Vacancy : No
Soil Health Card (till date 31-08-2017)
No. of soil sample collected: 654
No. of soil analyzed: 454
No. of soil health cards issued: 454
S.No Appliance Name Model Year of Purchase Availability
1 pusa stfr meter kit pusa stfr 2016 Available in use
2 student microscope 1996 Available in use
3 simple microscope 1997 Available in use
4 autoclave 1998 Available in use
5 dry and wet bulb thermometer 1997 Available in use
6 hand refracto meter 1997 Available in use
7 laminar flow cabinet 2000 Available in use
8 micro ph meter (digital) 2005 Available in use
9 conductivity meter (digital) 2005 Available in use
10 digital visible spectro- photo meter 2005 Available in use
11 flame photo meter 2000 Available in use
12 centrifuge machine 2000 Available in use
13 hot air oven 2005 Available in use
14 muffle furnace 2000 Available in use
15 water distillery 2000 Available in use
16 top pan balance (digital) (3) 2000, 2005 Available in use
17 pusa stfr meter kit pusa stfr 2017 Available in use
18 ribbon blender 2013 Available in use
19 homogenizer 2013 Available in use
20 sealing machine 2013 Available in use
21 batch coder 2013 Available in use
22 bod incubator 2013 Available in use
23 chemical balance 2013 Available in use